Bottles & Shakers

Reusable drinking bottles and water bottles are immensely popular due to the increasing attention against disposable plastic. More and more people are using a reusable water bottle with a print. Do you want to print an aluminum drinking bottle? Or a transparent bottle with a colored cap printed with your logo.
With us you have plenty of choice. In addition to drinking bottles, we also offer shakers. Shakers are such useful items for sports and diet related industries. Printed shakers and drinking bottles are used a lot and daily and taken on the road, to work or to the gym. We can print shakers with your company logo. We offer different sizes and models of shakers for printing.
We have a wide range of drinking bottles of different sizes, materials and colors. Print drinking bottles of 300ml or print a large bottle of 1L. You have a wide choice, and with our expert advice we ensure that you find the best drinking bottle to print with your logo or design. You can always request a free no-obligation quote.


Tacx bottles are the only real bottles! These drinking bottles are known for their high quality and are indispensable in the sports world. The bottles can be printed 360° all around. Match & Mix the color of the bottle and cap. This is how you choose the perfect water bottle. Printing bottles is easy via our site. Printed water bottles also make a nice gift or a good part of the merchandise.
In addition to the classic Tacx Shiva bottle, we also have the Tacx Shanti and the Tacx Fuse for printing. The right bottle for every occasion! We also have a nice assortment of BIO bottles from Tacx. These bottles are biodegradable or made from sugar cane.
Choose the water bottle you want, the color that fits your corporate identity and send us your logo or design. Our graphic department ensures that your logo will come out best.

Drinking bottles for low prices

We offer a large number of drinking bottles for a competitive price. We are happy to look with you and offer drinking bottles in different price ranges. We have the right drinking bottle for every budget to print with your own design or logo. Request a free no-obligation quote and discover our prices and service. Receive a digital design and proof, so you get a clear picture and you are not faced with any surprises.